The Coast of Legends

The legends coat streeche from Plouguerneau to Goulven. Among this most beautifull beaches, nearly our rentals houses, you’ll find ” Vougot Beach “, Karreg Hir beach and Boutrouilles beach.
It’s white and fine sand beaches, doted with round granits blocks, softened with the wind and centuries… That rocks are at the origin of lots of legends.


Among this astonishing surprises, discover Ménéham village in Kerlouan : this is a village of fisherman, farmers and seaweed pickers, completly renovate , nestled in the hollow of granite blocks millenuim.

Folgoet basilica 

Spectacular building of flamboyant gothic style, it’s still celebrating its pardon each september. One of the most important in Britany.

Natura 2000 aera

Curnic swamp in Guisseny, Goulven bay and Langazel Bog in Ploudaniel offer magnificients landscapes for walks and birds observation.